About This Site:

Before the foundations of the world, God knew me. He created me and led me down the path of life, eventually drawing me into His loving arms. My first awareness of God’s leading came when I was a preschooler. That day a friend, whose identity I don’t recall, took me to services in a small community church in Moyie Springs, Idaho.

That day at church someone gave me a little pink Children’s Bible with gold print on the cover, gold-edged pages, and a pictures of Jesus hanging on a cross. As I remember, I had never heard about Jesus; nor had I opened a Bible. Yet somehow I knew this was a special book. After that day, babysitters and others read the Bible to me. As a result, I came to know the most precious gift of all—Jesus—who is revealed in its pages.

That little pink Bible was a treasure of mine for many years, and remains a fond memory today. I kept the little Bible until the early 1990s, when two precious little girls passed through my life. These girls and their parents were poor and lived in the back of a pickup truck in the middle of our cold north Idaho winter. They had few possessions and little hope, so I gave those girls the little pink Bible and some Christian children’s books. Then I prayed that God would help them, and draw them to Himself, as He drew me.

God miraculously transformed my life and made me a new creation in Christ Jesus. He stopped me from taking my life, and brought me out of life of sin and continual depression. God gave me a new life filled with love, joy, peace, and many other blessings and promises from Him. Now I look back on the day He intervened in my life and realize how much Satan would have stolen from me. I would never have had my second son; I would never have seen my grandchildren. I would never have shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years with children through the children’s ministry in the churches I attended. I would never have met my present husband nor shared 23 years of my life with him. I would never have shared my testimonies or written these HEART to heart books. I thank God that He stopped me from succeeding in making that dreadful mistake.

It is my hope and prayer that the Holy Spirit will use all of the books and writing I do to draw others to Himself, teach a few lessons, get a few laughs, and encourage those who have broken hearts and lives. I pray others will allow God to transform their lives too. This website and all of my written works are a way of saying “Thank You” to my wonderful God for saving me, transforming my life, and giving me hope for the future!

To Him be the glory!



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