Ministry & Teaching Experience:

As a teenager, I worked as a babysitter and took care of many children.  I also helped in children’s ministry periodically at the various churches I attended. After I moved to Lewiston, Idaho, I did not attend church regularly for several years. Though I did attend services periodically, with two children of my own and going through an alcoholic marriage situation, I could not commit to help in church ministry.

In 1986, after divorcing my first husband, my two boys and I began attending First Christian Church.  There I played clarinet in the orchestra and helped with several Vacation Bible School.  I also assisted in Children’s Church and eventually ended up leading Children’s Church for a year, until I remarried and moved to my husband’s church.  In 1991 I led a weekly Bible study for Single Adults for over a year until the singles paired off and attendance became almost nothing.

In 1991 I started attending Sandpoint Christian Center.  A couple of years later God called me to begin the Children’s Church Ministry, which continues on to this day.  After a year of being in Children’s Church three Sundays a month, my Pastor decided to have his wife help me set up a committee to oversee Children’s Church and bring in new people.  Because of personality conflict and not being bold enough, I decided to leave Children’s Church.  Later, after a few years, I got involved again, rounded up a few helpers, and took my monthly turn at leading Children’s Church.

During my break from Children’s Church, I taught Sunday School.  I taught 4 year-olds for two years, primary-age for one year, and 4th through 6th graders one year. I also helped with Children’s Camp for one or two years.

I also edited a church newsletter for over a year, contributing poems and articles.

Eventually our Pastor got to the point of having serious health problems and had to step down from the ministry.  At this point, I helped one of our Elder’s wives set up volunteers in our church office.  Our office was open three days a week, with a different volunteer secretary each day.  I took Wednesdays and helped by putting the church bulletin together. I also helped put together church telephone directories from 2008 through 2014.  In 2013 I quit working in the office.

Eventually our new Pastor came on board and I worked with him for several years.  During those years, I also helped at Teen Camp for two years and lead a Home Bible Study Group for over a year.  I also wrote a few radio spots for our Radio Ministry.

Presently my husband and I are working towards opening a small library in our church.  We hope to have all the books catalogued soon so they can be checked out to members of our congregation.

I have devoted my life to walking with God and sharing His word with others.  Without God’s intervention, I would have ended my life in March of 1980 and would have missed my purpose for living! Now I want to devote the life He’s given me to serving God and His people!

I believe God has called me to write and share the wonderful news of His gifts of salvation, grace, mercy, love and healing to all those who listen. God has healed my broken heart and life, and given me a new life full of love and joy.  Now I want to bring Him pleasure!


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